LJ’s NDT: Weld Testing Done Right

If you’re after professional NDT specialists to perform your next x-ray weld test, LJ’s Technical Services can help. With a combined experience of over 50 years, we know just what it takes to ensure your equipment and products remain safe to use and efficient to run.


How An X-Ray Weld Test Can Benefit Your Business

X-ray testing is a critical part of the manufacturing process. Not only does it assist with quality assurance, but it also helps ensure each component meets the Australian and global standards. Essentially, this type of testing allows us to inspect the internal components of a structure. From there, we can assess the product’s reliability, functionality and overall performance. With all this in mind, an x-ray weld test can benefit your business by identifying:

  • Cracks
  • Rust
  • Damage
  • Cluster porosity
  • Slag inclusions
  • Cold lap
  • Incomplete fusion/concavity
  • Inadequate/excessive weld reinforcement
  • Corrosion


In Need Of An X-Ray Weld Test? LJ’s Technical Services Can Help

Looking for premium NDT weld testing in Australia? The experts at LJ’s Technical Services have you covered. With almost two decades of industry experience, the hardworking team at LJ’s knows what works (and what doesn’t). So, if you want your technology and equipment tended to by standout NDT specialists, contact the professionals at LJ’s Technical Services today!