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Non Destructive Testing & Asset Inspections Australia wide


LJ’s NDT & Asset Inspections is Australian-owned and operated providing NDT testing, Asset Inspections, Pressure vessel and production services to the
defence, mining, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries.

Our team works exclusively to maximise the lifetime of our clients’ assets through NACE coating and corrosion surveys, AICIP and API pressure vessels and storage tank inspections, NDT & witnessing services.
Whether its on mine sites, fabrication, plant, construction, or maintenance. Our asset integrity services provide quality assurance and process safety reducing downtime and boosting the efficiency & reliability of assets whilst identifying potentially hazardous risks.

We then work closely with our clients to come up with solutions.
All services are supported by an outstanding business management system with all work conducted under NATA & ISO Quality.
LJ’s offer certified multi skilled technicians for new fabrication or maintenance services, rapid report (with in 24hrs of job completion), competitive rates and local, nationally & international services.

NDT & Asset Inspection Specialists in:

Reports within 24hrs  ·  Non-Destructive Testing  ·  Pressure Vessel Inspections  ·  Pressure Relief Valves (Calibrations & Sales)  ·  API Tank Inspections  ·  Certified Wind Turbine Inspections · NACE Coating Inspections  ·  Welding Inspections & Supervision (Cert 10)  ·  Corrosion Surveying  ·  Borescopic Inspection  ·  Professional Witnessing of Inspections & Validations

NDT Testing Services

Quality Non Destructive Testing Testing You Can Count On

At LJ’s Technical Services, we consider Non Destructive Testing (NDT) to be the top testing technique out in the industry. However, we also recognise that no two businesses have the same demands, therefore with our over 20 years’ experience offer individualised, premium NDT solutions throughout Queensland.

As the name suggests, NDT entails safely verifying, testing, and inspecting equipment without doing any harm. Our professionals advise companies to utilise NDT for the following purposes because doing so takes extensive training:

Non Destructive Testing
Equipment Inspection
  • Boost equipment dependability
  • Product integrity testing
  • avoiding mishaps
  • lower operating expenses
  • Keep an eye on the product’s state
  • Identify any maintenance requirements
  • Make sure the apparatus complies with Australian/state norms.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that NDT can happen at any point in the construction process and won’t have an impact on the product’s functioning or serviceability. We employ NDT techniques to find any product discontinuities as well as faults or potential improvement areas. NDT is essential since it makes sure a product is operating as effectively as possible so you can enjoy all the benefits in the long run.