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Metal hooks — Non-Destructive Testing in Birkdale, QLD
Trucks — Non-Destructive Testing in Birkdale, QLD
Trucks — Non-Destructive Testing in Birkdale, QLD
Trucks — Non-Destructive Testing in Birkdale, QLD

Non-Destructive Testing QLD

Using leading industry technology, we are able to provide you with all your inspection and third party inspection needs. LJ’s have highly qualified inspectors who will provide you with excellent customer service.

NDT Testing Services

Quality NDT Testing You Can Count On

Here at LJ’s Technical Services, we believe that NDT is the best testing method available. However, we also understand that no two companies’ needs are the same, and so we dedicate our expertise to providing personalised, high-quality NDT solutions right across Queensland.

Non-Destructive Testing, What’s It Used For?

As the term implies, NDT involves checking, testing, and inspecting equipment in a safe way that won’t cause any damage. To do so requires a lot of training, and our technicians encourage businesses to use NDT for the following:
  • Improve equipment reliability
  • Test product integrity
  • Accident prevention
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Monitor the product’s condition
  • Identify any needs for repairs
  • Ensure the equipment is up to the Australian/state standards
It’s important to remember that NDT can occur at any time during the construction process and will not affect its serviceability or functionality. We use NDT to identify flaws or areas of improvement, including any discontinuities in the product. NDT is imperative as it ensures a product is working to the best of its ability so you can reap all the benefits in the long run.

NDT Testing Services Got You Stressed? LJ’s Can Help

Looking for premium NDT in Brisbane, Townsville, or beyond? The experts at LJ’s Technical Services have you covered. With almost two decades of industry experience, the hardworking team at LJ’s knows what works (and what doesn’t). So, if you want your technology and equipment tended to by NDT specialists, contact the professionals at LJ’s Technical Services today!